Learning Istopmotion and Imovie to Create A Video Project

Stop Motion is a very engaging and powerful tool to use in the classroom.    Below I have included a sample lesson which shows many of technical steps required to combine both  Istopmotion app(9.99 on IOS), and Imovie (Free on IOS) to create a cool video project.   Instructions showing how to use Google Drive IOS are also included.

Must Use Tool: Lucidpress

Looking to create great brochures or high-quality posters for your school or class?   Not interested in learning a highly complex program like Adobe Indesign?   Need a powerful cloud-based solution for desktop publishing (Unlike Microsoft Publisher which only runs on your desktop).   Lucid press is the tool you need.    Lucidpress allows you to create Business Cards, Pamphlets,…

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Must Use Mobile App: Feedly

Reading On the GO! As a follow-up to our last post on Feedly, I wanted to talk about the power of setting up Feedly on your mobile device.   The main advantage of using RSS feeds or subscribing to blogs of interests to your student is the ability to access them where ever they go.    Feedly for IOS, and Android…

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Must Use Tool: Make Your Students READ.

Find Interesting Things to Read on the Internet! As a classroom teacher, I always feel that reading is an important and essential activity to incorporate in my classroom.   There was a time that accessing relevant and interesting content for students was a challenge, but in the BYOD classroom, this is no longer an issue.     Armed with a cell…

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Power Up your Classroom: Using Google Forms With Mobile Tablets

One of my favorite ways to use Google Forms, is to encourage students to upload their digital content and create a form to collect information from other student respondents.    Students will include their media in the Form and include an open-ended question to allow students to provide direct feedback on students content.   This is very flexible because students can…

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Google Forms 2015

Google Forms is an excellent tool in the classroom.  It allows you to create surveys, tests, enhance discussion and further expand what you can do in the classroom.  I have included a video to help you get started with Google Forms below.  The video shows you the basics of setting up a form and also shows you how to access…

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Must Use Chrome Extension: Google Apps

Google apps is my go to productivity suite.    The versatility, features and power of Google apps is no secret to progressive educators.   Today I wanted to highlight a few chrome web store extensions I really love to use.     Often I am browsing the web and find something useful or important I would like to keep.  …

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Must Use Chrome App: Turn Off The Lights

Youtube is an excellent resource in the classroom.    Often I want to show videos in my class and I want to avoid including all the extra clutter around the video.   One excellent tool I often used in the chrome webstore is called Turn Off the Lights.   This tool located in the address bar can be activated with…

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Cool Fun and Probably Educational: Quizup

Quizup is an app that challenges you to go head to head with various people on the internet.  This is an excellent app for anyone who wants to test their knowledge on a variety of topics and could easily be used in the classroom.  The first time I opened this app and started exploring, I found 100’s of categories to…

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Must Use Tool:

In the last few weeks, I have posted many useful ideas and tools to incorporate video into your classroom.    One must use tool I have not covered yet is called Edpuzzle.     This awkwardly named website is a hidden gem.  In a nutshell, Edpuzzlekhan  allows you to crop videos from a variety of sources including Youtube, Ted-Ed, National…

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