photoshop thematic poster

Learn How to Create a Thematic Poster Using Photoshop

In this lesson, you will learn how to use Photoshop to create a custom thematic poster of your choice.  …

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How to create contact lists in gmail

How to create a Contact Group in Gmail

Many people have asked me for this, so here goes!   Gmail includes a tab under mail that allows you…

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How to Take a Name Tag and Digitize it with Photoshop Cs6

Learn some of the basics of Photoshop with this activity!  Many of the skills in this video can be applied…

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Paperless Classroom 2014

Creating a Paperless Classroom With Google Drive

In today’s classroom environment, students are often interested in delivering assignments in digital format instead of via paper format.  …

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Use Internet Explorer in Chrome 2014

How to Use Internet Explorer TABs in Google Chrome

As an avid user of Google Chrome, I am always surprised with the amount of legacy (meaning OLD programs) that…

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How to create quick links for Google apps

How to Create Quick Links For Google Groups

Do you work somewhere that requires you to use Google Groups or Gmail (or any other Google product!) everyday? If…

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How Do We Organize Ourselves to be Efficient, Organized and Relevant in a 21st century Classroom?

Being a teacher today may seem a lot more complicated than it did, just a few short years ago.  …

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Using Ipads in the Classroom 2014

In the following post I will discuss some simple strategies you can use to better roll out Ipads in your…

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How to Access Apps For Students From Any Desktop 2014

As a teacher, cloud based tools like Google docs and Google drive have taught us the importance of having reliable…

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Google Forms 2014

Google forms is a very powerful tool in the classroom.   It can be used in many different ways.  I…

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