How to create quick links for Google apps

How to Create Quick Links For Google Groups

Do you work somewhere that requires you to use Google Groups or Gmail (or any other Google product!) everyday? If…

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How Do We Organize Ourselves to be Efficient, Organized and Relevant in a 21st century Classroom?

Being a teacher today may seem a lot more complicated than it did, just a few short years ago.  …

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Using Ipads in the Classroom 2014

In the following post I will discuss some simple strategies you can use to better roll out Ipads in your…

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How to Access Apps For Students From Any Desktop 2014

As a teacher, cloud based tools like Google docs and Google drive have taught us the importance of having reliable…

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Google Forms 2014

Google forms is a very powerful tool in the classroom.   It can be used in many different ways.  I…

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collaborative learning

Using Epals to Create Authentic Connection for Students

Are you looking for ideas on how to connect your classroom to authentic learning experiences?   Looking for motivating ideas…

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Use Youtube in the Classroom

Using Youtube In The Classroom

Below you will find several videos showing you how to use Youtube in the classroom.  Each video has a title…

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flipped classroom

What is a Flipped Classroom?

What is the Flipped Classroom?  The flipped classroom at its most basic level is the creation of online video lectures to…

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google sites for teachers

The best website for Classroom teachers: Google Sites

As a teacher, you have many options for your classwebsite.   As a regular user of several platforms I have…

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Using ScreenCasting To Create Flipped Lessons

Below you will find a video on how to use my favorite screencasting tool    Screencasting is a very…

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